April 2016 27
Running macros in Excel from c#
Posted By : holgerleichsenring

Here we go again, it’s Excel and sometimes I feel like Peter Pan tries to catch his own shadow. You may not believe it, but a shadow can have some kind of grip. The day

Januar 2015 09
Programming and Intuition, Part II
Posted By : holgerleichsenring

May you read the first part of Programming And Intuition. I promised to add some more experience about that and it didn’t take a long time for getting into a situation again where intuition and

Januar 2015 08
Programming and Intuition? Come on.
Posted By : holgerleichsenring

Intuition and programming? Are you serious? Maybe it sounds odd in the first run, but I often have a certain kind of .. let’s say instinct when I watch code to find out where the cause